Terms & Conditions

Welcome to www.persianrugpalace.com, an online store and its affiliates offer the website features under the following terms and conditions. If you visit, browse or purchase at www.persianrugpalace.com, you accept and follow these terms & conditions. Therefore you should read and understand them carefully. When you get current or future based services of Persian Rug Palace or make any business deal you need some guidelines that refer to “Terms & Conditions” are valid for that services and business.


The price list for our products on website refers to the price per item / price per piece. The price listed on products is full price that is advised by manufacturer or supplier or accordance with standard market prices. The List Price is a fair price assessment and may or may not be the normal price in every zone on any specific day. To have an idea for prices there are featured products displayed on site.

Sometimes the price list is represented with the term “Open Stock” that means the said price is suggested by manufacturer or supplier only for those items which are included in this set. Similarly when the price of some special items is offered for sale by one of our affiliates or merchants that price list can be offered only by that merchant.

With respect to items sold by www.persianrugpalace.com, we cannot approve the price of any product till you order of that product or item. Any item or small number of items on our website may be mispriced instead of our best struggles. If an item's exact price is greater than our listed price, we will, at our option, either contact you for directions before shipment or cancel your order and inform you of that cancellation.

Please note that these terms & conditions apply only to that items or products which have been sold and shipped by Persian Rug Palace. The items that you purchased from any third-party sellers are charged at the time of your order. The third-party sellers can be followed different policies or terms in the case of mispriced item or high value then the stated price.

Please you have to read our Private Policy, which also heads your visit to
www.persianrugpalace.com, to know our practices regarding our services and business.